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Shuttle bus service: trip Metz - Luxembourg - Charleroi Airport

Together with Frankfurt and Luxembourg-Findel, Charleroi airport puts Luxembourg residents in a privileged position for air travel. Aircraft from the five companies operating from these locations offer various destinations, principally in Europe and North Africa but also in Turkey, and with many low-cost flights.

Metz to Charleroi from as little as just 10€

There are various ways of getting to Charleroi airport from France or Luxembourg, but the use of public transport remains the most practical solution. With many buses from Metz to Luxembourg and Charleroi every day, why not enjoy travelling in comfort and avoid parking difficulties near the airport. Where fares are concerned, choosing Flibco is the economical choice with, for example, Arlon to Charleroi shuttles or Metz to Charleroi buses costing less than 10€, depending on the time of travel and advance reservation time.

The Metz-Luxembourg-Charleroi shuttle