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Lille to Charleroi shuttle bus

With over 5 million passengers annually and 200 flights each day, Charleroi airport is very popular with residents of the Lille region. At only about a hundred kilometres, cross-border travellers are able to take advantage of many low cost flights from this airport.

Lille to Charleroi for just a few Euros

To meet the needs of these travellers, Flibco has organised a dozen daily shuttles between Lille and Charleroi. With fares starting at just 5€, Flibco shuttle buses are the dream solution for passengers wanting a low cost transfer to Charleroi airport.

With or without reservation, Flibco is the right choice for a hassle-free trip from Lille to Charleroi of just 1 hour 40 minutes on board a luxury shuttle.

Shuttle Bus Lille Charleroi