Your airport connection

The alternative to parking at Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt’s airports receive tens of thousands of passengers every day, making Frankfurt Main one of the busiest airports in the world in terms of passenger numbers. Such popularity means that car parking facilities for travellers are sometimes not available without advance booking. Add to this the distance needed to travel to get from the car park to the departure zone, and the frequently increased parking tariffs, parking at Frankfurt airport is not necessarily the best of plans.

A practical and economical way of getting to the airport

To take care of these concerns, Flibco has set up shuttle buses from various large towns, such as Metz, Trèves and Luxembourg. So you can leave your car in your garage and avoid the problems of parking at Frankfurt’s airports at Hahn and Main.

Choosing Flibco is a means of ensuring a hassle-free, low cost journey on board a comfortable bus, which will take you directly to the front of the airport!

Parking Frankfurt airport